Yasir Hameed

Hi! I’m Yasir!

I am a designer, researcher, and educator based in Toronto.


I started designing back in 2008 while studying in college to become an architect. Since then I have designed magazines, books, posters, logos, flyers, business documents, social media banners, buildings, housing, streets, city blocks, and much more!

Over the years, I have built an extensive and varied portfolio comprising of Print, Web, and Spatial designs alongside my practice as an educator in Social Sciences and Urban Studies.

I center my practice and research around equity and social justice and as such, I strive to provide affordable services to equity/social justice focused groups, nonprofits, and educational institutes.


My Research

The experience of privilege in some contexts and oppression in others has molded me as a researcher. It fuels my determination to continue to advocate for the rights of minorities and marginalized groups. My research has been, and will remain, an effort to include the unheard voices of these communities when urban planners, designers, and policymakers make unconsented decisions that affect their futures and their ability to attain a healthy livelihood, education, and opportunities to overcome inter-generational poverty and trauma.



We retained Yasir Hameed through a competitive hiring process to design and construct a website for a major university-based international research project.

Mr. Hameed completed the project on-time and on-budget, notwithstanding tight timelines and the presence of multiple stakeholders. He also provided one-on-one training so that we could maintain the website.

Throughout the work, Mr. Hameed quickly understood the requirements, exceeded expectations, and proved to have excellent technical and interpersonal skills.
— Minyoung Kye, Project Administrator and Thomas Klassen, Professor
Yasir consistently demonstrated his passion for teaching by coming early to our tutorial classes to sharpen his understanding and by actively seeking clarification about feedback on his lectures when I was his student. I have been privileged to have a mentor like Yasir even after I have completed my studies at York University. He has been a great pillar of support when I started my career for the United Nations and then my law school chapter. Yasir is the type of individual that every organization would benefit from - he accomplishes anything he puts his mind to and helps others around him without a second thought.
— Gari Ravishankar (Student, SOSC 1000, 2017-18)
Yasir is someone very versed on the topic of social sciences, and very frequently goes far beyond the subject for our readings and lectures. Yasir is one of the most reliable instructors I’ve ever met. Every question I’ve seen him answer has been so well spoken and clear. Not only does he give proper and detailed feedback, but he also gives praise which I find to be quite rare. I can tell Yasir really tries his best to create an environment that makes me feel like he’s invested in my improvement and learning.
— Vina Nguyen (Student, SOSC 1000, 2017-18)